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Glass Polymer Bottles

Author: Date:4/21/2015 11:36:08 PM

Glass Polymer is an innovative material with unique features to put your product in the limelight. This plastic will delight you with its absolute brilliance and transparency and offers you the look and feel of glass combined with a high degree of design freedom.

The unique, blown shapes have the thick bases and strong walls that were previously found only in glass. The very best quality, an exclusive appearance and a wide range of design and finish options allow you to realise your packaging ideas. Glass Polymer packaging also excels for other vital reasons – such as being unbreakable and environmentally friendly. A shining winner in all contests! 

(„The Glass Polymer™“ is a registered trademark of Eastman Chemical Company, one of the largest producers of PET polymers for the packaging market in the world)

Glass Polymer is the first product packaging to offer the perfect combination of the advantages of glass with those of plastic:

Excellent transparency and brilliance

  • High degree of wall and base strength
  • Outstanding transparency
  • Highly lustrous surface

Versatile in design

  • Numerous standard shapes – for a budget-friendly brand image
  • Individual packaging design – just as you want it
  • Unlimited selection of colours and high degree of colour matching
  • Numerous finish effects:
    • Screen print
    • Glossy embossing or metallisation
    • Visually attractive and pleasant feel lacquers (e.g. matte lacquer, mother-of-pearl or special effect lacquer)
  • Good value colouring and decoration from as few as 10,000 items

Safe to use

  • Outstanding resistance to breakage and splintering
  • Only slight danger of injury = child-friendly
  • No damage to tiles, washbasins etc.
  • No risk of breakage during transport and filling

Good for the environment - Glass Polymer packaging is an environmentally friendly alternative:

  • Relatively low consumption of energy during recycling in the “Code 1-PET” process
  • “Matting” is carried out using water-based, environmentally friendly lacquers (no acids required)
  • Lightweight material reduces energy consumption during transport and saves on logistics costs
  • CO2 emission during bottle production is lower than that for glass